The course consists of eleven Sunday afternoon sessions from 1.45 – 5.15 pm (including a tea break) and one full Saturday from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm (in May). Each session will include teaching, discussion, group work and experiential learning.

There are four key areas to the programme

Theology and History

• Theology of worship, liturgy and music

• Worship in the Bible and through church history

Exploration of different church traditions and worship styles

• Anglican worship – patterns and structures

• Liturgical formation and good practice

• Worship in a mission context

• Emerging worship and fresh expressions of church

Leadership Skills

• Developing a servant heart

• Developing skills for putting services together and leading worship

• Pastoral skills for building a worship team

• Enabling a congregation to worship

Practical Skills

• Facilitating liturgy and prayer

• General musical skills for the musician and non-musician

• Developing creative skills, such as use of audio-visuals and other expressive arts

• Introducing and teaching new material to a congregation

• Running effective rehearsals

Course Requirements

There are no academic, educational or musical requirements. The most important requirement for participants is to come as worshippers themselves, to seek to engage with God in different forms of worship, and to learn to lead others in inspiring worship which is both converting and transforming.

But I’m not a musician…

This course is not just for musicians, but for all those involved in being part of a parish worship team. It is suitable for any one who wants to understand more about worship and how to do it well. This course might be seen as a useful development for clergy and readers or those who are already involved in church choirs or music groups as well as other potential lay worship leaders. It has proved helpful for church wardens, who find themselves leading services in multi-benefices or during vacancies.

Course Team

The course will be run by a team, overseen by Revd Helen Bent, Course Leader, working together with a team of other tutors, supported by mentors. They have all been participants on the course in previous years and bring first-hand experience of the course and leading worship in the local church.

Course Dates 2017/18

Sunday Afternoons: Sept. 10th , Oct. 8th , Nov. 5th , Dec. 3rd , Jan. 14th , Feb. 11th , Mar. 11th , Apr. 15th , May 12th , June 10th , July 8th

Saturday : May 11th 2018.

Course Fees

The course fee will be £160 per person. This will cover the provision of all resources and refreshments.

Please do not let the cost prevent you from applying. Participants are encouraged to ask their church to contribute to their fees.

Taster Evenings

Taster evenings for the new course are being held for those who are thinking about participating. These will be held from 7.00 – 9.00 pm on:

  • Tuesday 4 th April 2017 at Diocesan Church House
  • Tuesday 9 th May 2017 at Diocesan Church House

Please let Trish Stafford know that you are coming to one of these by phone : 01709 – 309147 or by email :

Before you join the course, you will need to :

  • have the support of your Incumbent and PCC
  • fill in an application form
  • have a brief interview

The Taster Evenings give you an ideal opportunity to explore the course in more detail. However, a high level of commitment is expected with attendance at all sessions unless very good reasons prevent this.

Attending the course will also involve

  • preparatory reading or short written tasks for each session
  • practical involvement and ministry during the course
  • keeping a personal journal and portfolio
  • making visits to other churches where the worship (and music) is of a different style to your own church
  • completing a personal project, designed to affirm each participant’s development.

Projects and Portfolios will not be graded but thorough written feedback will be given. There is no formal qualification at the end of the course. However, there will be an opportunity to review with course tutors what you have learnt, and an opportunity to discern, with the help of your Incumbent and PCC, how this ministry might be developed further within the local church setting. On satisfactory completion of the course, participants will be authorised by the Bishop as Worship Leaders and may be called upon to contribute to diocesan worship.


If you are interested in the course, please complete an application form and send it to Trish Stafford by Fri 9th June 2017. Please apply early, as places will be limited.

Application Forms will be available at the Taster Evenings, downloadable from the Diocesan website, or from Trish Stafford at Diocesan Church House.

All applicants will have an interview with members of the Course Team to explore participation in the course. These will be held approximately two months before the course begins in late June and early July.

Successful applicants will receive their course syllabus and information prior to the commencement of the course on Sunday 10th September 2017.