4901968395_d481d1d04f_zEzekiel 47 speaks of the river of God flowing out from the temple. At its source, the river begins shallow, flowing from below the threshold, but it gradually gets deeper as it flows further out.

As it flows on, other streams and tributaries flow in and the river grows deeper and wider until eventually it reaches as far as the sea. This is the nature of rivers.

The river of Ezekiel is full of life, bringing refreshing, fruitfulness and healing, and the flow of worship should do the same.

When we worship, we invite others to dip a toe into the water of God’s love and grace. Over time, we pray that they will be drawn in ankle-deep… knee-deep… waist-deep… ever deeper into God’s presence.

From our experience of God in worship, we are then sent back out into our communities to make a difference. Through our daily offering of worship Monday to Saturday, we seek to make disciples and to transform society and God’s world.