The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield:

“The Worship 4 Today course is a vital resource to train and equip leaders of worship in a mission-shaped Church. I have seen first hand the effect it has had in transforming the worship of individuals and congregations. The material is very well grounded theologically and liturgically and immensely practical. You will find from the very first session that the course begins to affect the way you prepare for and lead the worship of God’s people…. The dividends for your ministry and the life of the church will be very significant for years to come.”


The Revd Dr Jo Spreadbury, Chair of Praxis & course leader in St Albans Diocese:

“Worship 4 Today has inspired members of my congregation. It is flexible and adaptable for parish use and with other groups, and to those on the course it has brought new depths of understanding, insight and enthusiasm about the worship we offer week by week.”


Revd Peter Moger , Canon Precentor at York Minster and previously National Worship Development Officer for the Church of England:

“Worship 4 Today is an inspirational resource for those called to lead worship in the local Church, offering a superb foundation in the theology and practice of worship. I am delighted to be able to commend it.”


Revd Christopher Woods, Secretary, Liturgical Commission and National Worship Adviser:

“The need for an energizing and enlivening course to enable the worship of God to be led in a sensitive and transformative way is very much in evidence. The success of Worship 4 Today has already been proven in many places, and so the benefit of having it available as widely as possible cannot be overstated for the future mission of the Church.”


Revd Mark Earey, Tutor in Liturgy and Worship at The Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham and author of many books on worship:

‘One of the strengths of Worship 4 Today is that it treats musical worship as part of the whole liturgical package, and therefore keeps music leaders and other worship leaders learning and talking together.’


Revd Tim Lomax, Liturgical Commission leading a Worship 4 Today course in Lichfield Diocese:

Worship 4 Today enables service leaders, worship leaders, musicians and artists to flourish and grow in their gifts and ministries. As a result, this high-quality, adaptable and extensive course impacts the worshipping life of communities whilst also encouraging new relationships and ways of working to develop across churches and traditions.


Ven Dr Tim Stratford, Archdeacon of Leicester and consultant to the Liturgical Commission:

A really well thought through programme that is both practical and inspiring.


Revd Keith Griffiths, Cape Town, South Africa:

‘Congratulations to you both on a wonderful project. It is certainly going to change perceptions here of how one should approach this training and will hopefully help to raise the standards markedly. One of our Bishops commented earlier that one of the reasons that our Ordinands are so unprepared when they get to their formal training, either in local programmes or at our College, is that our training of Lay Ministers and Worship leaders is so poor and so disorganised. So, do be aware that your material will start to have an impact here in Southern Africa and you will be blessed by that.’


Mick Perrier and Revd Janet Chapman, Birmingham Diocese:

“Worship 4 Today is just what we have been looking for. It fits in perfectly with our existing training. They have thought of everything and it is all provided.”


Course members:

“Challenging. Rewarding. A wonderful opportunity to learn new ways of worship.”


“As a reader, the course has given me a renewed enthusiasm for leadership and involving others in worship in different ways as well as providing lots of fresh ideas.”


“I am enjoying myself enormously. Worship is more deep and more meaningful than I ever realised.”


.“Thinking about the meaning of worship as a sacrifice really made me think. Looking at doctrine expressed in liturgy has helped me analyse liturgy and value it more.”


“Brilliant course – a real asset to the Diocese and the wider Church.”


“Thank you so much. The course was so much more than I expected.”


“The course has given me the confidence to go on to train as a reader.”


“Challenging. Rewarding. A wonderful opportunity to learn new ways of worship. Also a wonderful opportunity to meet together and worship the Lord!”


“I loved being in a group of people aiming at the same objective so devotedly. The presentation and organisation of the course has been EXCELLENT!”


“Teaching has been awesome. It’s been provocative, engaging and wonderfully informative.”


“Worship goes right back to the beginning of the Old Testament!!!”


“ The course is confidence boosting in that the problems highlighted are ones I’ve encountered and thought they were unique to me rather than pretty universal.”


“There is joy within the whole group…an amazing speed of team building in small groups.”


“The Worship 4 Today course is just brilliant. The students are a great bunch of people from all sorts of churches, willing to share their ideas and join on a journey of discovery. I can’t wait to see what we will learn next month.”


“I’m enjoying the course, and have been inspired to try new things within my church.”


“Being able to sing and play music with others is inspirational. All the new ideas of worship that arise through brainstorming are excellent.”