Course Dates 2014 to 2015

 27 September  Session 1  The Theology of Worship
 18 October  Session 2  Who is the God we worship?
 15 November  Session 3  Worship in the Old Testament
 06 December  Session 4  Leadership Skills
 17 January  Session 5  The Role of Music in Worship
 07 February  Session 6  Worship in the Psalms
 14 March  Session 7  Patterns of Worship in the C of E
 11 April  Session 8  Building a Worship Team
 16 May  Session 9  FULL DAY—Practical Worship Day
 13 June  Session 10  Worship in the New Testament
 26 September  Session 11  The Challenge of All-Age Worship
 17 October  Session 12  Worship in a Mission Context

The Course Leaders

Debi Simmons
Garry Johnson
Bruce Ruddock
Steve Dodman
Rob Jennens

Course Fees

The course fee will be £150 per person. This will cover the provision of all resources and refreshments.

Application forms may be obtained from and submitted to Lesley-Anne Marriott

Applications are also available to download from the Diocesan website. Should you have any further queries please contact Lesley-Anne Marriott on 01604 887 048.

Further details: